Term1 2017 Parent Information


Level Two 2017

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2017.

This year, lots of exciting things will be happening in our level.

We are all looking forward to a year of great learning!


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Dean De Rooden

Suzanne Fatchen


Lisa Maron


Annette Amato


Judy Brophy

Annette Amato



Dean: 1/2  D

Full time in the classroom
Suzanne: 1/2 F

Full time in the classroom

Lisa: 1/2 MA


Annette: 1/2 MA

Judy: 1/2 BA

Tuesday – Friday

Annette: 1/2 BA


    • Feel free to contact class teachers if you have any concerns. Please let us know and we will arrange a time that is suitable. It is vital that good communication and relationships are fostered.
  • Students should have all their school supplies at school. These items will be stored and distributed when they are required.
  • It is really important for all students to be at school on time each morning because every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as we will be doing Morning Fitness at 8:55am.
  • On Friday mornings we need to be ready to start Meditation by 9:00am. Please remember that while we are meditating you are mindful of silence in our building at that time.
  • Before school, during breaks and after school students are not permitted inside our school building. This is a safety issue and we ask that you respect this.
  • To foster further independence it would be appreciated if the children could meet parents outside the building after school. We would also encourage all students to be responsible for carrying and unpacking their own school bags.
  • Just a reminder that if you need to collect your child before the end of the school day, please report to the office and follow the signing out procedure.
  • Teachers have completed some Literacy assessments last week with students. They are not completed yet and may need to do a little bit more during class time. If you have any questions about this, please see your child’s class teacher. (Parent / Teacher interviews midterm, date to be advised )
  • HOMEWORK: All students need to do at least 10-15 minutes of Home Reading every night.  This needs to be recorded in the Home Reading Journal. It is important that students change their own Home Reading book regularly and that the Home Reading Journal is at school each day. Teachers will check this weekly.
  • Please ensure that the mail bag is in your child’s school bag each day, making sure that you check each evening for any notes. This is also used for the Home Reading Journal and readers.
  • Please note that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we request students do not bring any nuts or nut products to school in lunchbox or snacks. This is a request because some students have life threatening allergies.
  • We also do not share any of our foods at school and if we are given any treats, they will be brought home. If you are concerned about any food issues, please see the class teachers.
  • Parents Helpers – A roster for classroom helpers will be displayed in each classroom, please add your name if you have a Working with Children Check and you have completed the Helper’s Course. Information regarding this course will be available in the newsletter in the coming weeks.
  • Important Dates:

            1/2  F class Mass in the Chapel:  Next Term

            1/2 D class Mass in the Chapel: Thursday  March 9th at 9:00 am

            1/2 BA class Mass in the Chapel: Thursday  March 2nd at 9:00 am
            1/2 MA class Mass in the Chapel: Thursday  March 16th at 9:00 am

  • Lunch orders are ordered online and distributed on Friday.
1/2 F 1/2 D 1/2 BA 1/2 MA

Physical Education:

Wednesday with Michelle Gibson

Sport: Tuesday with Suzanne Fatchen

(All students to wear sports uniform)

Digital Technologies:  Wednesday with  Lauren Rennison

Performing Arts:  

Tuesday with Barbara Green

Italian:  Wednesday with Maria Cannorozzo

Library: Thursday

Physical Education: Wednesday with Michelle Gibson

Sport: Tuesday with Dean De Rooden

(All students to wear sports uniform)

IDigital Technologies:  Wednesday with Lauren Rennison

Performing Arts:  

Wednesday with Barbara Green

Italian:  Tuesday with Maria Cannorozzo

Library: Wednesday

Physical Education: Tuesday with Michelle Gibson

Sport: Monday with Annette Amato

(All students to wear sports uniform)

Digital Technologies:  Wednesday with Lauren Rennison

Performing Arts:  

Wednesday with Barbara Green

Italian:  Wednesday with Maria Cannorozzo

Library: Monday

Physical Education: Wednesday with Michelle Gibson

Sport:Friday with Annette Amato

(All students to wear sports uniform)

Digital Technologies:  Wednesday with Lauren Rennison

Performing Arts:  

Wednesday with Barbara Green

Italian:  Wednesday with Maria Cannorozzo

Library: Monday

Curriculum Overview


Our focus is on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. Students will engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They will listen to, read, view and interpret spoken, written and multimodal texts in which the primary purpose is to entertain, as well as texts designed to inform and persuade. Students will create a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts including narratives, retellings and reports.

During Term One, we will be looking at Recount and Reporrt writing.



Number and Algebra: Students will count to and from, and order numbers up to 1000. They will count and represent numbers using place value with numbers up to 1000’s.  They will perform simple addition and subtraction calculations, using a range of strategies.

Measurement and Geometry: Students will find the total value of simple collections of Australian notes and coins.

Statistics and Probability: Students will collect data from relevant questions to create lists, tables and picture graphs with. They interpret data in context. Students describe outcomes of familiar events using everyday language.


Social Emotional Learning:

Students will reflect on the personal qualities which contribute to the development and maintenance of friendships. They will begin to develop and exhibit appropriate behaviours for maintaining positive social relationships. Through activities such as reading, discussion and role-play, students will learn to recognise and describe the feelings and emotional responses of others. Students will learn to recognise that their actions have consequences for both themselves and others in social contexts. They begin to think in terms of other people’s feelings and needs, especially when resolving conflict or dealing with bullying; for example, by saying sorry or taking another person’s point of view into consideration.


Education in Faith:

At the start of this year, students will learn about the importance of taking care of God’s creation.  We will explore BBible stories related to creation. We will also learn about Lent and how it is a time of change and God helps people to grow and learn to serve others.



This Term, the students will investigate the question, ‘How can we look after our world?’ The students will begin to understand how recycling can help our world.They will investigate how their actions can help conserve resources.


Visual Arts:

Students will create visual arts works that show emerging arts knowledge and an ability to plan arts works that communicate ideas, concepts, observations, feelings and/or experiences. They will develop and use skills, techniques, processes, media, materials, equipment and technologies in a range of arts forms. They will identify, describe and discuss characteristics of their own and others’ arts works.




During Term 1, the students will revise greetings, the numbers to 20, colours and the songs and chants learnt previously in Italian. During Term 1, the students will also be learning about sun safety ( stare sani e salvi nel sole ). They will be learning to talk about what they need in order to be sun smart.They will be learning to describe the actions to take in order to make themselves sun safe at home, school at the beach or at a pool.They will work in pairs to produce posters on sun safe strategies.


Physical Education

Years 1 & 2 students will practice skills to leap as far as possible using correct technique. At home have children leap over a line or stretch rope, landing on opposite foot. Explore leaping over the line with one foot, then the other.


Performing Arts

This term our Performing Arts focus is Drama. Using a variety of written and visual stimuli, students will explore roles, characters and actions in dramatic play. They will use voice, facial expression, movement and space to imagine and establish roles and situations. The students will present drama that communicates their ideas to their peers. Some goals of the program include developing self-confidence, self-expression and enjoyment of drama as they participate in these creative activities.


Digital Technologies

This term, the Year 1/2 students will be learning about making thoughtful choices when using computer equipment and accessing the internet. They will revise password safety and how to take, use and share photos with the iPads and laptops.

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