Engineers At Work

As part of our Inquiry the Year 1 / 2 students needed to design a marble run that changed direction at least once. They could use a range of materials to construct their marble run. After testing adjustments needed to be made for the marble to be able to complete its full run. Here are some models.

Marble Run

As part of our Unit ‘I Like to Move It, Move It’ the students created a marble run with a set criteria. They made modifications to their designs to endeavour to extend the time the marble moved along the length of the run.

Such amazing designs.

Poetry Writing

During the last month the Year 1 and 2 students have been learning about different types of poetry. They have experimented with rhymes, limericks, colour poems, haiku, cinquain, palindromes and Bio poems.

The students have enjoyed creating and sharing their poetry.

Boys and girls, what is your favourite type of poetry?

St. Anne’s Feast day

The students enjoyed a special mass with their grandparents. We remember St Anne and her role as a grandparent. In the classrooms the students had fun sharing their learning with their special friends.


What did you most enjoy about St Anne’s Feast Day?

Digital Technologies – Term 2 2017

This term, we have been investigating Augmented Reality. We have used the Blippar & Aurasma apps to scan different items with our iPads to make new information appear on the screen.

We have created our own Aurasma projects based on a country from our family’s heritage. Now if we scan the name of our country, a video pops up to show an example of that country’s flag:

  1. Find what you want to scan.

2. Use the scanner on Aurasma to slowly hover over it.

3. Wait until the scanner recognises the image, then stop moving the iPad.

4. Watch the pop-up video!

It has been a lot of fun making these videos. There have been lots of steps involved to create the finished products and we have learned that even if things don’t work as we expect the first time, we need to keep trying in case we have missed a very small but important instruction!

A display folder of our final Aurasma projects will be available in each of our classrooms from the start of Term 3.

Inquiry Sharing

This afternoon the students had a chance to share with each other. All students enjoyed celebrating what they had learnt about Laos, China, India and Colombia. Some students had made Powerpoints, posters, flags, CC charts and Venn diagrams. The students have learnt a great deal.

Charli felt it was very interesting to learn about all these countries. Charlotte thought it was fun to visit other people and see their work. Evelyn learnt Laos is a poor country close to the Mekong River.

What have you learnt boys and girls?


We are learning to use skills to manipulate clay. We rolled, twisted, tapped, pinched and joined our clay pieces. Next week we hope to make a small clay piece to take home. The Level 2 students had an awesome time completing this activity.