Writing Recipes

Students in 1 / 2 D have been learning about how to write a procedure. We decided many recipes follow this format.

We have started to collect some of our favourite recipes. We are hoping to make a class recipe book. Today we made Raspberry Rocky Road. Students were excited to prepare this sweet treat. Hopefully it tastes great.

What is your favourite recipe?



Footy Skills

This term the Year One and Year Two students have been working on their football skills during sports sessions. The students have been kicking, marking, bouncing and handballing. Some of the students look ready to play for Carlton this week.



Students have been working hard to consolidate their addition and subtraction skills. They are learning a range of strategies to solve number problems. The students have been working with money, identifying coins and calculating amounts. They will now be learning about telling the time and using a calendar.   

Sharing our ‘Me ‘ bags.

Today the Year 1 and Year 2 students had an opportunity to share their ‘Me’ bags. They enjoyed sharing their special treasures and sharing what was important to them. They also loved their special letters from mum and dad.



They also had lots of fun making their ‘Superpowers’ capes. If you look closely you can see what some of their superpowers are: kindness, friendliness, responsibility, helping others, caring and never giving up.



Students in Year 1 and Year 2 painted scenes from Holy Week. They were asked to explain why these events were important. What do you think of their artwork?


I painted Jesus on the cross. This was an important event in Holy Week because Jesus died for us and it’s very sad and now we are happy. (Oli Beronic )

I painted Jesus rising from the dead. This was an important event in Holy Week because it shows that Jesus has lots of power and he came back to bring light to the world and tell the disciples the good news. ( Aleck )

I painted the tomb. This was an important event in Holy Week because he has risen. Mary and the other people were worried. ( Ruby )


The students enjoyed working with the Beebot robots. They solved problems and set codes to help direct their Beebot.

It was fun to make the Beebot move in a square shape. It was a challenge to make a ten step sequence.

( Aleck and Sam B )

The Beebots were fun to play with, I couldn’t believe that we would use them. ( Ryder )



Maths with Dash. Students were asked to create an equation (algorithm) for dash to follow and move along the ruler. They were adding groups of 10.