Today the Year 1 and Year 2 students started Yoga sessions. Students learnt basic positions and how yoga can help your body. All students listened carefully to follow directions.

I liked that! I can’t wait until next week. Cameron

It was mindful. Evelyn

It was relaxing. Charli

I liked yoga because it was calming your body. Elliot


Today Year 2 students had a chance to visit the Year 3/4 classrooms. In preparation for next year they were able to meet some students , play some games and ask some questions.

The Year 4 students worked with the Year 1 students. They organised their own activities to share.



More To Math

Students in 1/2 D have been enjoying using the More to Math Lego sets. They have experimented with building and tried to follow directions to create specific designs.

Cameron made a lion. He enjoyed the opportunity to use his imagination.

Charlotte created a shelter. She felt it was fun to learn how to put all the parts together.

Will. Ryan and Lucas G made a house. They felt it was tricky but fun working together.

1/2 BA have also had fun this week during Maths time…





Art Incursion

Year 1 and Year 2 students enjoyed a Zart Art Incursion. The students used silk and calico to make sunprints. They used colour dye to create vibrant patterns. Water spray and salt were used to create special effects. Each student made their own calico print as well as working on a whole class print.

Will – I liked putting the salt and water to create the special effects.

Asha – I enjoyed painting on the materials.

Xavier – I have learnt how the masking tape can hide the colours.

Cameron – I learnt that if you mix the primary colours you will get the secondary colours.



What did you like best about the art incursion?