Inquiry Construction



Students have begun their constructions. Their design brief was ‘To design a construction with a moving part’. Here are some of the students at work. Boys and girls, what did you make and how did it move?


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3 thoughts on “Inquiry Construction

  1. I like to construct and I modified my design five times and it did work. All I needed was string, cardboard and foam wheels.

  2. I made a car. I used a cardboard box, mini cardboard rolls, a foam tube, a shoe box, four strong plastic sticks for axels, sticky tape, and cardboard strips to hold the axels up. I also used some planks of cork, some paint, some glitter and some pom poms. I included a Baker’s Delight sign so it looked like a truck from Baker’s Delight. I enjoyed this activity.

  3. I Loved making my construction.
    My design I used some toilet rollers (2) a cardboard box (2) skewer sticks.flat circle(4).sticky tape. This is how I made it. I got the cardboard box. I poked the skewer sticks in the box. sticky taped the flat circle on the cardboard roll. I poked it into the skewer stick. Then I painted it.

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