Italian Day

Buongiorno ragazzi! What a fabulous day to celebrate all things Italian!

Our day started with our costume parade. Soccer players, ballerinas, pizza guys, gladiators, nonnas, painters, gondoliers and even handmade cannoli on display, just to mention a few! What an amazing effort by all.

Next up was to learn a song and dance called ‘Ciao, Ciao’ in our multi-age groups. It was a sight worth seeing. Special thanks to the older students who helped the younger ones with their dance steps. We also had the opportunity to do a piece of Italian related piece of Art with many students displaying their creativity; the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a fruit related portrait inspired by Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We even had Italian Day coloured play lunch.

The whole school gathered for a comedy show, ‘La Festa’. The students enjoyed the performance very much, evidenced by roars of laughter coming from the hall.

Pizza was the order of the day for lunch, followed by gelato, a hit with the students on such a warm day.

Grazie Signora Cannarozzo and all your helpers for making it such a special and memorable day.

Hands On Science

Today the Year 1 and Year 2 students had a visit from ‘Hands On Science’. The students worked through different experiments observing chemical changes.

Next Monday, we will have another incursion with ‘Hands on Science’, We will be investigating materials and mixing.

James – I enjoyed the experiment where we used chemicals to set a patty pan on fire.

Gabe – It was fun doing new things. I had never seen the chemicals react and set on fire.



Year 1 /2 Athletics

During Term 3 our focus in Physical Education classes has been Athletics. Last week the Foundation and Year 1/2 students participated in a mini Athletics during their Physical Ed lessons. 
With the help of Year 6 students the children rotated through a number of activities (using modified equipment) including long jump, hurdles, agility run, javelin, discus and shot put. It has been incredibly pleasing watching the students develop their throwing jumping and running technique as well as their willingness to ‘have a go’.

Sales Pitch for Friendship Zone

The students have been designing a Friendship Zone for our school play ground. Mr Edmonds gave us a design brief. The students drew a birds eye view map of their design and then created a 3D model of their Friendship Zone.

The students then presented their work and a sales pitch to another class. We voted on our favourite designs. These will now be presented to Mr Edmonds for consideration and planning.

Harlee had most fun building the model with James.

Marko was nervous presenting his Friendship Zone sales pitch with Gabe.

Sophie found it tricky to select a winner from the other class.

Liam found it tricky to find the pieces when building his design.




Digital Technologies Term 3

This term, the Year 1/2’s have absolutely LOVED using Scratch Jnr on the iPads. This app is a simple but effective way to learn about computer code. Each week, the students have completed a mini-project using backgrounds, characters and drag-and-drop block code. The projects gradually increase in complexity, and fast finishers are given an extra challenge to solve problems and make their projects unique.

It has been wonderful to see the children working together frequently to help each other and learn new ideas or code from each other.

Here are a few samples of work to give a general demonstration of the types of projects that have been completed:

This code from Isla makes a character dance to a song that Isla recorded.

This code from Dylan makes the basketball move and bounce at the same rate that the boy character moves:

This code from Alicia makes the dog move forward and respond “Woof!” when the cat speaks to it. 

This code from Ivy makes the bird speak when the dog touches it:


Today the Year 1 and year 2 students built a model of their “Friendship Zone’ design. The students used their maps to help create their designs.

Earlier this Term Mr Edmonds visited the classes and explained what he would like included in a design that could be used at St Anne’s Primary School.

We have also visited the North Eltham Adventure Playground to gather information for our designs.

We had so much fun making our models for a friendship zone. ( Lachlan and Daniel )

It was enjoyable even though my partner was away. ( Miranda )

The hardest part was remembering all the information and sticking it all down. ( Ryder and Isola )

It was hard to make our design but we managed to do it together. ( Leo V and Daniel J )

Art – Wire Models

Students created three dimensional models using wire and beads. Some designs were love hearts, fishing rods and letter shapes.

Isla enjoyed making any design she wanted. Cassie liked making love hearts and threading the beads. Sophie found it hard to bend the wire in the shape she wanted. Asa found it a challenge to create the letter T.


Poetry Writing

This term we have been writing poetry. We have investigated rhyming poems, haiku, limericks and acrostic poems.

Poetry is the right words in the right order.

Cassie enjoyed acrostic poems because they include a word going down.

Harlee enjoyed acrostic poems because the heading goes down and you get to colour code.

Arabella enjoyed writing a poem about the Lorax. It was a rhyming poem.