School Sports Day






Savannah enjoyed doing the races.






Jacob thought the sack race was a lot of fun.






Jordan thought the race was cool and fun.

Connor thought the parachute was hard work.






Suzy really liked doing the parachute activity.

The three legged race was a little tricky.






Sienna really enjoyed the obstacle course. It was hard to get under the hurdle.

Aluminium Figures

The Year 1 and year 2 students had fun with aluminium foil. They followed a procedure to make interesting figures. It was tricky cutting and bending the aluminium foil. Some figures lost their heads.

Griffin – I enjoyed folding the aluminium to make a man.

Dylan – I enjoyed measuring with the ruler to make the lines.

Sienna – I liked doing the different feelings for the arms.

Australian Animal Artwork

Students had fun decorating Australian native animals with dot and line patterns. They created a nature background using pastel and then glued their animals.  What do you think of our artwork?

Susan – I really liked making the background with the pastel outside on the concrete.

Jasper – I liked making the patterns with the posca pens.

Greta – I had fun painting the animals.

Griffin – I enjoyed painting the animals and the background.

Lachlan – It was tricky doing the background.


In 1/2MD we have combined our Maths and Art skills for a piece of MART. We displayed our knowledge of fractions, in particular halves and quarters by ‘cooking up’ a fraction pizza. They included tomato, salami, onions, capsicum, olives and cheese. Don’t these pizzas look delicious! Which quarter or half of pizza would you choose to eat?

Readers Theatre

In 1 / 2 D we have been using Readers Theatre during our reading sessions. The students have had fun learning their script and performing for the class. It has been a challenge for students to add expression and actions to add interest to the Readers Theatre.

Check out the link below to see one of our groups perform.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Italian Day

Year 1 / 2 D enjoyed the chance to dress up for Italian Day. The students were led in their activities by some Year 6 boys – Matthew, Santi and Oliver. In groups they prepared a banner for their Palio horse race.

Year 1/2MD also dressed for the occasion and were ably led by Milla, Emer, Olivia, Paige and Naia.

All the students enjoyed their pizza lunch.

Reptile Encounters Virtual Incursion

Today we joined in with a virtual incursion with Reptile Encounters. Kara told us all about endangered and threatened native Australian animals.










We saw a Barking Owl which barks when it is communicating.

( Jeremy )

We saw a Brush  Tail Bettong which makes its nest on the ground.

The Olive python was really big. The monitor is being killed when it eats a poisonous cane toad. ( Sienna and Sophie )

The Saltwater Crocodile was being killed for its skin. This is now illegal. ( Georgie )

Let’s Get Creative!

There has been a real buzz of excitement in the 1/2 Level since our return to onsite learning. The students have loved being with their friends again and sharing their learning with one another.

The students love of Art and the chance to get creative have been very evident. We have been focusing on some of the elements of art such as line, colour, shape, form, tint and symmetry.

Our ‘cuddle’ of koalas:














Our Henri Rousseau inspired paper tiger collage:







And even some Maths inspired collaborative circles:








What do you think of our efforts so far?