More To Maths

We have been using the More To Math lego sets to build and solve different challenges. Students have worked with a partner to follow directions complete building tasks.

Aleck – Our designs have involved counting, mirroring and graphing.

Lachlan -When we worked with the lego it was a challenge to sort out all the pieces.

Sarah – We have had to build animals like, snakes, butterflies and hens.

Ryder – It is a challenge to follow the steps in the right order.


During ‘Inquiry’ lessons this term the students have been learning about our solar system. We have learnt how our world is influenced by the sun and the moon. The students investigated the ‘Water Cycle’ and explored different types of clouds.

We have discussed the impact of drought in Australia and what this means for us.

The students have now been challenged to think about what they can do to help care for their world.

  • Don’t litter and put rubbish in the bin. ( Samu )
  • We can save electricity and use wind power to take care of our world. ( Alby )
  • We can plant more trees and take care of our environment.( Grace )
  • Earlier this year, our school raised money to help the farmers buy hay to feed their animals. ( Charlie )
  • You should not waste too much water at home. ( Sarah )

Digital Technologies Term 4 2018

This term, the 1/2 level has created this Padlet to share facts about the four seasons.
Scroll left to right with the bar along the bottom if the four columns are not appearing.

Made with Padlet

The students had to search for information using Kidrex or Kiddle. Then they had to use split-screens to read this information while paraphrasing their facts into Google Docs. Finally, they had to copy & paste their work into the Padlet and add extra media such as a video, GIF or map.

Here are some quotes from the students reflecting on what they have achieved this term:

Something I enjoyed this term was putting GIFs on the Padlet (Mason).

Something I found hard was trying to paste it onto the Padlet, because it kept pasting in from another Doc (Joel).

Something that was funny was when someone put the penguin GIF on the Padlet (Jasper).

Something that was funny was the mango fight GIF (Cruz).

Something that I would change next time is I wouldn’t put so many GIFs and I would put in more comments (Georgia).

If I had more time I would put more pictures on the Padlet (Zara).

If I had more time, I would put in more maps (Mason).

A problem I had to solve was to copy my writing on Google Docs onto my Padlet. I figured out that if I did a certain click, it would instantly copy over. (Aleck)

Something I found challenging was to put a picture on my Padlet. (Grace)

Something I would change next time would be to change my sentences for Winter to add a bit more detail about it. (Ryder)

I was able to help someone else to get onto the Padlet and find a picture. (Lachlan)

Someone else helped teach me how to put the two screens side by side. (Tae)

A problem I had to solve was to make my writing bigger when it was smaller. (Sienna)

Something I found challenging was to put the two screens side by side. (Emily)

I really like Padlet because you can add in writing and pictures and GIFs. (Evelyn)

I would like to learn more about how to use the Padlet to add ANYTHING! (Ethan)

Something I would change next time is to add more writing. (Ava)

Someone else helped teach me how to split the screens. (Ruby)

A problem I had to solve was splitting the screens. (Charlotte)

I really like Padlet because you can do lots of fun things with it. (Skye)

I really like Padlet because you can use funny photos and GIFS. (James)

Something I found challenging was not to copy the words exactly as they were on the websites. (Addison)


Working with Clay

Over the last few weeks the 1/2 level have been working with clay. In the first session we learnt to manipulate the clay and explore to see what shapes we could create. We then focused on developing our skills to shape, roll, flatten and join pieces of clay together. We used our imagination to create a piece of work that used these skills. Finally, we created pieces that followed the criteria of being Christmas decorations. Once our pieces had dried and hardened, we got to paint them. We were very proud of what we created. Aren’t they great!


We celebrated World Kindness Day. Our challenge was to be kind to one child and one adult. Everyone in the class could say how and why they should be kind to friends and family.

We loved making the poppy art as there were many layers to completing the piece. The poppies were the first flowers to reappear after WW1 ended and have become the remembrance symbol.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of another successful sports day. Thanks to Mrs Livingstone and all the parent helpers on the day.

On Monday Mrs.Rennison ran a Maker’s Workspace in the Junior Building. It was an alternative to playing outside and it was a huge success. The children created robots and houses for Dash to hide away from the aliens. What an amazing time was had by all. We have very creative and talented engineers at St.Anne’s.



Reading and Writing

Students continue to work on a range of activities during their literacy block. In small groups students have been spelling words with common letter patterns, performing Readers Theatre, discussing books and developing their handwriting.

The students have enjoyed researching about the Solar System. The have been writing reports about what they know.


Italian Day

Buona giornata Italiana! Happy Italian Day!

On Wednesday 24th October, we celebrated all things Italian. The day started with a fabulous costume parade. Luigi and Mario were very popular. The costumes were very colourful with a great Italian flavour. The students enjoyed a performance of travelling through time in Italy. We thank the parents for the delicious pizzas and gelato which they organised for our lunch. We also made Venetian masks which we wore whilst watching the famous waiter and grand prix races. Thank you to Signora Cannarozzo for organising the day.


Water safety Incursion

Today we had a visit from Andrew who taught us all about Water safety.

Erin – I loved acting in the play about how to save someone drowning in a pool.

Lachlan – I learnt that more people drown in a rip than are attacked by a shark.

Josh – I loved pulling Erin out of the water with the floating noodle.

Cruz – I liked pretending how to surf.

Zara – I liked learning how to be safe in the water.